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Terms of Service
In these Terms and Conditions, otherwise known as 'Terms of Service', “Hidang By Trail Network” means TRAIL NETWORK SDN BHD and “the Client” means the person or company booking the event. Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully, confirmation of any event will be taken as acceptance of Trail Network Sdb Bhd’s Terms and Conditions.

This Terms and Conditions acts as a legally binding contract between the Client and Trail Network Sdn Bhd. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Malaysia, and Malaysian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute.

1.1.  Orders must be made minimum of 4 working days in advance prior to the event day on first come first serve basis.
1.2.  All special dietary needs must be informed in advance should there be any. All request is subjected to written confirmation from Trail Network Sdn Bhd Production Division. We will not accept legal responsibility of later consequences for failure to do so.

Order Confirmation
2.1.  Orders will only be considered as confirmed until the Client has received an official quotation/note via WhatsApp and deposit payment being made thereafter. Deposit payment must be made: -

a.    Within 48 hours after receiving quotation AND
b.    No later than 7 days prior to the event date.

2.2.  Failure to comply to the two above-stated conditions may result in your order being cancelled, the booked date & time will therefore be opened to other customers in the queue.

Order Cancellation
Cancellation of order by customers after confirmation will result in FORFEITURE OF THE DEPOSIT in FULL. In which, Trail Network Sdn Bhd reserves the right to have the deposit retained.
Order Adjustment
Any adjustments to an order after deposit payment or confirmation is strictly not allowed and will not be accepted under any circumstances. This includes changing of time, venue, number of Pax, and any other details as stated in the latest quotation/invoice. New quotation will be issued in the case of new additional order is required.
Delivery Charge
For delivery outside the published coverage area, RM0.90 per kilometer rate of delivery charge will be included by default, unless stated otherwise in the quotation/invoice.
6.1. Canopies, tables, chairs and waiters service are not covered as a part of our service unless stated otherwise in the quotation/invoice. Please check add-on package to include this selection in your order.
6.2. Our service does not cover the packing process of buffet food leftovers should there be any. This is due to a legal and safety measure as food being served and openly exposed after several hours cannot be guaranteed safe to be consumed later. Kindly pack and bring your own plastic/container by yourselves, as plastic for packing strictly will not be provided. We will not accept legal responsibility of later consequences if the Client would still insist to pack any leftovers.

Payment terms
7.1.  The only acceptable methods of payment are: -
a)   Direct Online Bank-in

We strictly do not accept payment via cheque, LO letter, or any other methods that are otherwise not listed.

7.2. 70% deposit of the total amount upon confirmation; remaining amount must be paid on the event day itself by cash only.  Payment can be made to Trail Network Sdn Bhd into the following bank account:  

No. Account: -
RHB BANK BERHAD 2-12330-00021604

Loss or damage
8.1.  Except in the case of the negligent or willful conduct of Trail Network Sdn Bhd, its employees or agents, we accept no liability for any loss caused by Trail Network Sdn Bhd’s failure to perform its obligations.
8.2.  The Client is responsible for any loss or damage to hired equipment, from the time of delivery until collection by Trail Network Sdn Bhd, or its sub-contractor, or returned by the Client.
8.3.  Any losses or breakages will be charged to the Client at full replacement cost.
8.4.  The Client should in his/her own interest, ensure that all such equipment is insured.
8.5.  Should the lost items be found afterwards, by the Client, the Client is responsible to inform us immediately and cover the necessary costs in the returning process before any charges can be dropped.

9.1.  Any time or date stated by the Company for the delivery or removal of goods required in the provision of services is an estimate only and shall not be an essential term of the contract.
9.2.  Delivery and collection will be attempted to all reasonable areas at the venue or facility. However, should the access be restricted or additional time, personnel, parking fees or facilities required, any additional costs will be passed on to the client.
9.3.  Client must be present at the lobby, entrance, or delivery point for verification purpose and guide the delivery team to the designated setup area to ensure the smoothness of transferring process should there be any obstacles.

Any complaint shall be made promptly and, in any event, must be received on our email at khidmatpelanggan@hidang.com.my.
Force Majeure
No liability is accepted by Trail Network Sdn Bhd for failure of performance due to strike, lockout, hostilities or any other circumstances outside the control of Trail Network Sdn Bhd.

This T&C can also be found and easily accessed on our website at www.hidang.com.my/Catering-Terms-Conditions and subject to change from time to time without prior notice. Trail Network Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to change, vary or modify any of the information and terms contained herein.

*Revised on 02 February 2020, effective immediately from the stated date onwards. The previous dated document will automatically be replaced with the latest one.
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